Cat-back Exhaust System

The standard 12c and 650S exhaust sound is best described as a bit dull and evne the addition of the Mclaren Sports exhaust is not much of an improvement so we developed the catback exhaust to get a bit more sound from the car without causing any warranty questions.

We have been custom building our own exhausts for many years, whilst we used to fit off the shelf systems from other suppliers the fact is that for the most part these systems look nice but can be poorly made and never fit 100% perfectly, as a result we prefer to custom build all of our exhausts in house.

The 12c/650S cat back is made from type 304 stainless steel (the highest quality available) and is hand bent and custom TIG welded. The system is fully mandrel bent (where the inside diameter does not become 'crimped' so ensures maximum airflow and all the mountings and brackets are also type 304.

The system comprise a straight through pipes from the cats back using our own unique design 'double curve' which maximises airflow to the extent and just the catback adds 8-10 bhp to the power of the car. As each system is custom made the choice of look is yours, the quad carbon fibre tip we recommend perfectly fits the rear valance but we can also create single or twin steel tips if you prefer as well as a 675LT look with single 80mm tips, the choice is yours.

The sound is just stunning, a lot louder than the Mclaren sports exhaust and with a real deep note at low rpm but a lovely wail at high rpm. Despite this the system is completely track friendly being under 98db and has been tested at Silverstone, Brands Hatch, Donington Park, Bedford to name but a few..

As the system is catback there is no affect on warranty at all and the system itself is protected by our own lifetime warranty so you're fully protected.

£2,850.00with Carbon Fibre tips, incl. VAT & Fitting.

£2,250.00with Steel tips, incl. VAT & Fitting.

Call 01280 850 102

Wheels Spacers & Extended Bolts

We've spent a lot of time trying to improve the handling of the 12c and 650S and have pretty much come to the conclusion that wholesale suspension changes are pointless - Mclaren have made an astounding handling car. When we improve for track work we make it worse for road work so our advice to owners is to leave well alone, the cars are that good.

However, one area we can make a difference to the cars handling is the track, by widening the track of the car to match that of the 675LT we can improve the mechanical grip of the car without making changes to the suspension settings themselves.

As you'd expect, the Mclaren is pretty unique and despite being an identical bolt pattern as an Audi the wheel locater ring on the hub is 6mm long so we needed to develop our own special spacer to fit the hubs perfectly. The spacers are 13mm wide (its a very specific size) and come complete with extended length replacement steel or titanium bolts. Price is for a full set (front and rear axles) and all bolts.

£599.00 for Spacers & Steel Bolts incl. VAT

£1,299.00 for Spacers & Titanium Bolts incl. VAT

Call 01280 850 102

Pagid RS29 Brake Pads

The Standard McLaren brakes are pretty good for the road but sub standard for any real track work or really spirited road work, so this is an area you can make an immediate improvement to. We've tested most pads available and have come concluded that the Pagid RS29 offers the best combination of road and track braking.

Also known as Pagid Yellow, the RS29 is an endurance racing pad, long lasting, offers astounding braking ability at all speeds whilst at the same time working extremely well as a day to day road pad so works well even from stone cold. The RS29 is only suitable for steel disks, for ceramic disks then you must chose the Pagid RS1 pad upgrade.

£599.00 F and R incl. VAT

Call 01280 850 102

Pagid RS1 Brake Pads

The ceramic disks on the 12c and 650s are pretty good, indeed they are very good but th weak part is the pad, especially for track work. The RS1 pad from Pagid has been specifically developed for ceramic disks to give the same sort of performance as an RS29 pad can make on steel disks.

£1,399.00 F and R incl. VAT

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