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  • Toyo R888R Tyre Test at Brands Hatch

    We've been using the tyre for the past season on the E30 BMW race cars and have been pretty happy with their performance so when we were looking for a tyre for the Mclaren 12C we figured it was worth a go. All Mclaren models run a 305/35/20 rear and a 245/35/19 front which created the first question, the R888R doesn't come in a 305 size so we decided to try the 315 section instead which we mated to the standard front size - 245/35/19. Now generally you would assume that widening out the rear track would cause more understeer and the 12c on standard geometry settings tends to understear anyway, however since we fitted the 12mm spacers to our own 12c (widening the track out to a little wider than the 675LT) we've had no understeer issues at all so we decided to try the tyres on a stock Mclaren geometry set up but with our spacers. We will run the car without the spacers but for this test we wanted the optimum.


  • Pure Mclaren Silverstone TrackDay

    With development of the MP12 tuning upgrades nearing completion we thought a bit of spirited driving to test them out in a more overt environment (rather than the behind closed doors testing we tend to do) so it would be a chance to see how the car compared to other Mclarens on track.


  • McLaren Tuning at Santa Pod 2015

    WAll of our tuning and performance upgrades have to undergo an extensive development process before we are happy to release them for sale, fortunately some of these processes are relatively enjoyable (crash testing certainly isnt one of them) one of these being noise testing for the new exhaust upgrades.


  • LeMans 2015

    So, after a brief conversation through the fence (helped no doubt by the fact that we were there in a McLaren ourselves) and John (the race tech with the car) allowed us in to have a look round. What a stunning piece of engineering, more carbon fibre than I've ever seen before (and I've seen quite a bit over the years) and a presence just sat there in the car park that was just amazing.



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