As you'd expect from a dedicated McLaren specialist we have all the required specialist tools, diagnostic equipment and skill required to work on these cars - helped by the fact we have our own car that we develop upgrades on.

We only use genuine Mclaren parts, lubricants and oils all supplied direct by McLaren themselves. Our labour times are identical to a McLaren dealer and indeed in many cases are faster due to our direct experience. We are fully able to stamp your service book and maintain your manufacturer warranty, the only difference between us and a dealer is that we are unable to work on items that McLaren Automotive have to pay for, however we are able to identify such issues and liase with your local dealer for collection and repair if required.

We offer a full collection and delivery service via our own covered transport, same as a dealer, the only difference is that we levy a small charge for the service rather than build it into our margin, if you bring the car here you only pay for the work on the car not the collection and delivery if you dont need it.

The fact is that McLaren have designed and built a strong, reliable car that has very few real issues, there are horror stories of large bills but these are when the manufacturer choses to replace an entire component (a gearbox for example) when the actual fix was a simple seal taking a few hours of work, you cant blame them all they do is send the unit back to the supplier but in actual fact the issues are small and easy to rectify.

We offer a full warranty with all of our work with identical terms to that of your Mclaren warranty (new or extended), your standard warranty is not affected.


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