We are the UK's only dedicated McLaren specialist. We dont sell cars, simply maintain and modify them for their owners. We practice what we preach, we own our own MP12C Spider which acts as our development car - no borrowing customers cars to practice on and we only release upgrades once we have tested and developed them to the point of excellence. Home is a £1.5m custom designed workshop and showroom near Silverstone circuit in Northamptonshire, here we develop all of our upgrades as well as build and service other road and race cars - on and off road.

The company was founded by John Thorne who has over 20 years experience in road car tuning and racing including being the first independent company to design and build a Next Generation Touring Car for the BTCC.

As you'd expect from a dedicated specialist we have access to all the same equipment and data as a full Mclaren dealer does, full diagnostic equipment with 'pass through' communication allowing us to interorrgate and communicate with each Mclaren model. We have access to the full technical data for all the models including the P1 and our technicians have learn the cars by actually working on them rather than in a classroom being told about them. The only difference between us a full McLaren dealer (in terms of working on the cars) is that we cannot undertake work which would be paid for McLaren under their warranty, however by using our services your Mclaren warranty is unaffected in any way.


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